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direct quote from my professor: “of course not ALL fans believe captain kirk is a bisexual….”

my friend and i in the back:



#tvd #thevampirediaries #vampirediaries #notmine #mattdonovan #mysticfalls #klaus #silas


#tvd #thevampirediaries #vampirediaries #notmine #mattdonovan #mysticfalls #klaus #silas



đỡ buồn rồi.

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I play Al Capone, doesn’t mean I AM fucking Al Capone!
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People in Ferguson Still Need Help!

This website contains a wealth of useful information on ways to help the people in Ferguson, how you can organize and participate locally, and helps to spread the word and keep the message strong. 

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Objects come to life in Jean Cocteau’s La Belle et la Bête (1946)

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Happy belated birthday, Jun. :)

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Man is defined as a human being and woman as a female – whenever she behaves as a human being she is said to imitate the male.

Simone de Beauvoir 

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